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About Novasys Group Pty Ltd

Novasys Group is an Australian private company formed in 1993 to provide colour quality and process control solutions to our customers in Australasia. Novasys distributes a range of technologically advanced instruments and process machines from a number of the world’s leading manufacturers, including X-Rite, OFRU Recycling, Rhopoint Instruments, Ascott Analytical Equipment, IM Group (Inkmaker), and others. Complementing these instruments and machines are consumables from Christian Maier, Leneta, and others. Novasys’ aim is simple: To adapt and strengthen our product offering, and to embrace and bring new technological solutions to our customers in the Australasian market. Our future depends on our ability to offer our customers innovative and productivity-improving solutions that are sustainable, intelligent and environmentally sound. This, we believe, will assist and enable our customers to improve their overall business performance. With a wealth of experience in providing integrated process engineering and instrumentation solutions in colour technology and other scientific and production fields, Novasys has already developed a powerful and dynamic collection of novel control solutions that can help you improve your workflow. Novasys can provide you a complete suite of services for your project, including consultancy, project planning, implementation, and on-going support services. Novasys Group is represented in:
  • Melbourne, Australia (HQ)
  • New Zealand
  • Malaysia

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