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ISO17025 Gloss

In November 2022, Rhopoint Instrument achieved UKAS/ISO 17025 accreditation for gloss calibration.

How UKAS Gloss accreditation helps customers of Rhopoint Instruments.

UKAS/ISO 17025 Calibration Standards:

All Rhopoint gloss instruments are now supplied with UKAS ISO 17025 certified high gloss tiles, complete with assigned uncertainties.

To be recognised in industry gloss measurements should be made in accordance with ISO/ASTM standards, both specify glossmeter calibration using a high gloss standard with a known measurement uncertainty.

Measurement with a Rhopoint Instrument and ISO 17025 standard ensures accurate measurements are made within these international standards.

Certified Glossmeter Performance:

Regular monitoring of glossmeter performance is vital for accurate measurement and ISO/ASTM compliance.

Instruments are serviced recalibrated by Rhopoint use UKAS/ISO 17025 calibrated gloss tiles with a controlled Rhopoint procedure.

Upon completion, instruments are returned with a service and calibration report, along with a UKAS ISO17025 certificate for the high gloss standards and a traceable instrument certificate.

Annual Rhopoint service is vital to ensure glossmeter performance remains fully documented and measurements are made within the standard.

Independent Auditing and Compliance:

As a UKAS-accredited laboratory, Rhopoint quality management system and gloss calibration procedures have been independently audited by an appointed industry expert in optical metrology, to ensuring accuracy and compliance to required standards.

Rhopoint’s status as an independently accredited laboratory gives customer confidence in the instruments, standards after sales service centres will perform to the high standards.

In Summary:

Rhopoint Instrument’s UKAS/ISO 17025 accreditation for gloss calibration offers a host of advantages, including accurate calibration standards, certified glossmeter performance, compliance assurance, increased efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, competitive differentiation, and reduced risk. This accreditation ensures that gloss measurements are accurate, compliant, and reliable, thus supporting both product quality and business reputation.

Rhopoint Metrology Ltd, a leading UK metrology company includes a dedicated satellite laboratory in its sister company Rhopoint Instruments. Rhopoint Metrology provides a wide range of calibration services from its UK calibration laboratories or remotely at customer’s premises.

The Rhopoint Instruments satellite laboratory is dedicated to UKAS/ISO17025 gloss calibration artifacts for Novo-Gloss and IQ Gonio-Glossmeters, instruments which are used worldwide to measure the reflective appearance of surfaces.