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How does the FT3 achieve high precision?


The FT3 is uses a precision LVDT displacement sensor with highly stable electronics to produce a very sensitive transducer system.

Measurement Parameters-The key to repeatability and accuracy is to tightly control all the parameters that can lead to measurement uncertainty.
The parameters that affect thickness measurement are;

  • Measurement pressure.
  • Presser foot profile and size.
  • Measurement velocity.
  • Parallelism of presser foot to measurement plate.
  • Dwell time.

To allow manufacturers in the same industry sector to measure using the same conditions, these key measurement parameters are often specified by international standards (ASTM/ISO etc.).

External Factors

External effects such as temperature change and vibration will affect the measurement, the FT3 instrument is designed to reduce the impact of these.


The FT3 has a multi-point calibration routine to reduce/eliminate the effect of non-linearity in the LVDT sensor.

Electronic Drift

The 0.01micron resolution instrument includes routines to reduce the effects of short term thermo-electronic drift of <0.1 microns.

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How does the FT3 achieve high precision?