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  • Map and measure surface finish with the the Optimap3
  • Characterization of common surface irregularities including defects, waviness and roughness
  • Suitable for all finishes, from matt to mirror
  • On-screen image analysis
Industries & Applications
  • Automotive Exterior
  • Automotive Interior
  • Composite
  • Furniture
  • Metal Finishing
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Plastics
  • Smartphone, Tablet & Laptop Covers

Advanced Surface Metrology

Optimap3, the unique portable solution for surface inspection, allows rapid large area measurement and analysis of all types of coated or uncoated surfaces.

Powerful on-screen functionality includes cross-sectional viewing allowing detection and characterisation of common surface irregularities including defects and waviness.

In quality control, inferior surface evaluation methods are still commonplace. Many methods lack definition, are time consuming and subjective. Modern consumers demand high quality products with surface finishes that are homogeneous and free from defects.

The use of Optimap3 provides a unique solution to these measurement challenges providing quantifiable data for improved production control.

In one fast operation Optimap3 maps the topography of a surface displaying defects and texture in incredible detail. Mapped information is processed into objective surface data that can be used to effectively control product quality.

Optimap 3 graph

The Optimap 3 can measure

  • Orange Peel
  • Waviness
  • DOI
  • Overspray
  • Inclusions
  • Blistering
  • Sagging
  • Waterstains

Representative surface analysis

Optimap3 objectively measures and characterises many aspects of surface quality including texture, waviness and local defects including orange peel, inclusions, dents and scratches.

Optimap 3

Its large measurement area (65 x 54mm) and speed of operation (under 10 secs) provides rapid measurement with results that are more representative than those made with profilometers or other optical scanning instruments and can be reported in traceable SI units or other industry specific units.

With a lateral resolution of <37um Optimap3 has the power to capture surface defects that are invisible to the human eye.

optimap 3 screen graph
3D Surface View
optimap 3 screen graph
optimap 3 screen graph
Cross Section View (anywhere on surface)
optimap 3 screen graph
View Surface Underneath
optimap 3 screen graph
Rotate Surface
optimap 3 screen
Zoom in on Surface Features

A unique measurement solution

Next Generation Revolutionary Optimap surface analysis instrument.

The icon based touch screen allows ease of use by simply pressing the relevant active areas on the screen.

HIGHER Resolution Full Field Surface Mapping (<0.1um Z- lateral, 37um X-Y resolution)

Allows full field measurement of surface areas to be measured in high detail

Dual focus system with reflected image analysis

Automatically detects the reflectivity level of the surface and adjusts the setup to suit

On board surface roughness / waviness

Results comparable to profilometry and other optical measurement techniques

Non-contact measurement for wet paint

The ONLY product that can measure the formation of orange peel of wet paint

Compatible with visual appearance scales

(TAMS and Wavescale values) used in automotive and high end applications

Benefits of using the Optimap3

How does the Optimap3 measure and analyse surfaces?

Optimap3’s intuitive user interface provides operation, setup and display of measurement results.

The icon based touch screen allows ease of use by simply pressing the relevant active areas on the screen.

Optimap 3 product with hand

Phase Measurement Deflectometry (PMD) is used to map surface topography

Fringe patterns are displayed on an internal target screen.

The Fringe Patterns are animated (phase stepped) in X & Y directions.

Optimap 3 dull mode
Dull surface optimap 3
Optimap 3 reflective mode
Reflective surface - optimap 3

The Optimap3 has two modes – reflective and dull

High frequency fringes are used to measure reflective surfaces – low frequency for dull surfaces.

Optimap 3 diagram

The PMD is a non contact technique using white light reflection

The fringe patterns are reflected by the surface- the reflection is distorted by surface texture and defects.

The reflected images are captured by an internal variable focus camera.

optimap 3 screen graph

High resolution maps show surface texture and defects

The built in PMD surface mapping engine combines data from 8 reflected fringe patterns to create a highly representative map of the measured surface.

Maps of surface curvature or altitude can be displayed. High resolution maps show surface texture and defects. Built in profile tool can be used to measure the height and size of surface features.

Intuitive user interface

Optimap3’s intuitive user interface provides operation, setup and display of measurement results.

The icon based touch screen allows ease of use by simply pressing the relevant active areas on the screen.

Optimap 3 screen image coin
Optimap 3 graph - coin
Optimap 3 graph - cross sections

Cross sections can be created through the surface by touching the relevant point of interest on the displayed image and viewing the chart in the upper display.

The cross section is active and can be moved over the image in X and Y to view changes across the surface.

The magnification of the image can be adjusted via magnification slider.

Optimap 3 graph magnified
Optimap 3 graph magnified


Rugged and accurate, the Optimap3 is suitable for laboratory, factory or on-site inspection.

Optimap 3 angled
SD Card

Fast easy transfer of data, images and maps

Touch screen

Touch screen operation means operator training is minimal


3.2 MP - dual Focus

Interchangeable Measurement Base

Use with standard base or use non-contact base for measurement of wet paint films.

Bespoke bases available to for custom fit to large curved or shaped parts

6 x Anchor Points

Optimap3 can be harness mounted to allow fatigue free measurement in factory conditions


External connection to SPC

Static operation

No movement required during measurement, preventing any damage during operation

Sees what the eye cannot

A lateral resolution of <37um that has the power to capture surface defects which are invisible to the human eye