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Sample Flatness Compensation and Measuring Reflected Image Quality (RIQ) with the Rhopoint IQ

Sample Flatness Compensation

20° gloss & haze meters have fixed geometry. They require very flat surfaces to measure accurately.

The Rhopoint IQ uses a 512 element sensor that measures 20 +/- 7.25°. It mathematically determines the gloss angle.

With a standard gloss meter non-flat surfaces cause light to reflect on an incorrect part of the sensor and give inaccurate gloss results. With the Rhopoint IQ light is reflected on different areas of the diode array, and the instrument automatically compensates for the surface irregularities.

On the left: Two similar appearance surfaces, one is curved- the reflected light falls away from the centre of the array.

The reading on the right showing the IQ automatically compensating for non-flatness.

Law of Reflection: The direction of incoming light and the direction of outgoing light reflected make the same angle with respect to the surface.

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