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Manufacturer of QC test equipment primarily focused towards appearance quality measurement.

About Rhopoint Instruments

Surface quality measurement experts established in 1986; originally as a manufacturer of gloss-meters.  Our brand of Novo-Gloss glossmeters can be found in the laboratories of leading global coatings producers in every corner of the world. Thanks to our world-class development team, our product range is constantly evolving to address the requirements of manufacturers in all sectors from automotive production to food and beverage

From our factory in St. Leonards on Sea, England, we manufacture our instruments for measuring appearance quality and for improving packaging line speeds.

Supported by a network over 50 authorised distribution and service centres we can support the needs of all our customers regardless of location


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Our in-house designed products are designed to measure the parameters associated with total surface appearance quality.  This includes the measurement of gloss, orange peel / DOI, haze, transmission, clarity texture, defect analysis, shade and opacity.

Rhopoint ID

Quantify transmission, haze, sharpness and waviness (clarity) of transparent film/glass substrates including curved surfaces such as PET bottles

Rhopoint IQ

Handheld instrument measuring gloss, reflectance haze and distinctness of image (orange peel)/RIQ (orange peel)  of high gloss finishes

Novo-Gloss Gloss Meters

Gloss meters to measure matt to mirror surface finishes. Rhopoint have been manufacturing Novo-Gloss glossmeters since 1986. Industry experts.


Measure the MFFT / coalescence point of water borne coatings with the Rhopoint Minimum Film Forming Temperature instrument.

Novo Shade Duo +

This instrument measures the shade of a powder/coating/paper and the opacity of plastic fims coatings. Versatile dual-purpose instrument


Map and measure surface finishes as well as  profile coating defects. This instrument is suitable for all levels of gloss finish from substrate (matt finish) to top coat


Rhopoint Instruments products are found not only in the Quality Assurance department of the world’s leading coating producers but in the sites of their customers as well. Any surface which is polished, painted or injection molded can be measured using an apperance measuring instrument manufactured by Rhopoint.

Consumer Electronic Devices


Rhopoint Instruments Ltd. is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Assurance