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Packaging Test Instruments

Advanced Friction Tester (AFT)

  • Static and dynamic coefficient of friction
  • Compliant to ASTM D1894 and ISO 8295
  • Unique sled placement system for repeatible testing

Compact Friction Tester

  • Test static and dynamic coefficient of friction
  • Pre-loaded with test parameters for ISO/TAPPI/ASTM
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Suitable for cartons, films, coatings etc.

Film Shrink Tester

  • Determines quality of cast and blown films
  • Measures unrestrained film shrinkage

Melt Flow Indexer (MFI)

  • Precise Measurement
  • Fully Automated
  • User Certifiable
  • Operator Safe

Precision Thickness Gauge (FT3)

  • (Controlled downforce to ONE ISO/ASTM/DIN/TAPPI Standard)
  • Example configurations include ISO4593 (Film), ISO 534 (paper and board)
  • 0.1µm resolution, 0.4µm accuracy
  • User programmable dwell time and measuring speed

Precision Thickness Gauge (LAB)

  • User changeable measuring heads allow compliance to multiple standards
  • 0.1µm resolution
  • 0.4µm accuracy
  • Suitable for testing laboratories / R&D

Rub and Abrasion Tester (RT4)

  • Predict print performance
  • Assess coating & substrate suitability
  • Predict print durability
  • Improve packaging effectiveness

Universal Sample Cutter

  • Configurable for multiple test types
  • Accurate
  • Repeatable
  • Time saving

Variable Force Precision Thickness Gauge (FT3-V)

  • Variable force by manual addition of weight
  • Example configurations include ISO 534 / TAPPI T411 (paper and board ), ASTM D6988 (film, standard & low pressure)
  • 0.1µm resolution, 0.4µm accuracy
  • User programmable dwell time and measuring speed

Crease and Board Stiffness Tester (CBT1)

  • Measure crease recovery (spring back)
  • Measure board stiffness
  • Instant display of crease to board stiffness ratio
  • Automatic calculation of statistics

Carton Force Analyser (CFA)

  • Measures all the forces required to erect and fill cartons
  • Optimise packaging design and manufacture
  • Increase running speeds
  • Measure whole carton opening force

Carton Crease Proofer (CCP)

  • Produce laboratory crease samples
  • All rule and die combinations
  • Reduce machine downtime