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Try before you buy

Discover the perfect instrument for your requirements with our try before you buy service.
Feel confident in your purchase and that it delivers the results that you need.


What options do I have to test instrument suitability?

Test your samples easily and with minimal effort.
Choose one of the options best that best suits your requirements.

Online Demonstration

Online presentation of your chosen instrument with your samples measured LIVE on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype.
Includes a consultation with an application specialist.

Factory Sample Testing

Send your samples to Rhopoint for testing using the instrument of your choice. Up to 6 samples are available for testing with up to 2 different mediums. Samples are tested by one of our technicians and an overview report provided. An email report will be sent once samples have been received and tested.

Face to Face Demonstration

One of our experienced sales representatives will come to your office. They will bring the instrument of your choice with them and will conduct a live testing of samples for you to evaluate.

Product Loan / Demo

For a fee of 10% of the product value, you are able to trial one of our instruments at your facility. From arrival date at your premises, the 1 week trial period will commence. At the end of the trial, if you wish to keep the product, the cost of the loan will be deducted from the price of the instrument. If the instrument does not suit your testing requirements, simply return the product and accessories to our factory.

Why Try Before You Buy?

What does a report show?

A bespoke report using your samples

Reports are dependent on the product but are normally saved as a CSV or PDF file.

If you use our factory sample testing option, your results will be emailed to you after receiving the samples.

Depending on the capabilities of the individual instrument, you’ll receive the data as a graph or a spreadsheet.

Results from the Advanced Friction Tester

What to expect for your demonstration

Online Demonstration
  • Request a demo and we’ll be in contact to schedule a date
  • The meeting will be on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype
  • On the day we’ll measure your samples LIVE as you watch
  • Includes a consultation with an application specialist
Factory Sample Testing
  • Send us your samples in appropriately packed for transport
  • Once received, the test will be scheduled using the requested instrument
  • A report with our findings will be sent via email
Face to Face Demonstration
  • An appointment will be scheduled
  • Prepare samples in advance
  • On the day the instrument will be demonstrated and samples will be tested
  • Our experts will discuss any results and findings
Product Loan / Demo
  • 10% product value fee will be charged for the trial service
  • Upon receipt of a purchase order and payment, the instrument will be dispatched
  • At the end of the trial, if you wish to keep the product, the cost of the loan will be deducted from the price of the instrument
  • If the instrument does not suit your testing requirements, simply return the product and accessories to our factory

Terms & Conditions of product trial loan

  • The instrument is being provided on loan for the purpose of evaluation and validation testing, and/or for demonstration purposes.

  • Any noted damages, defects or shortages to the equipment or accessories need to be notified to Rhopoint Instruments within 24 hours of receipt of the equipment. Photographic evidence of damages should also be provided. Failure to do so may result in the cost of repair being passed on to the borrower.

  • The instrument remains the property of Rhopoint Instruments and should be returned promptly. If Rhopoint formally requests the return of the product and it is not done then the borrower may be invoiced the full list price of the product. All instruments should be returned according to the packaging detail below, at the end of the specified loan period to:

    Rhopoint Instruments Ltd,
    Rhopoint House, Enviro 21 Park
    Queensway Avenue South
    St Leonards-on-Sea
    East Sussex
    TN38 9AG, UK

  • For loan items returned from outside the UK the serial number of the instrument must be documented on the return paperwork. CPC code: CPC 6123F01

  • Please enclose a copy of this agreement with the returned instrument.

  • The instrument must be returned in the same condition in which it was received. The borrower must ensure that there is no damage to the unit from contamination from other materials, misuse or poor handling. Any damage will be chargeable.

  • It is the responsibility of the borrower to pay for the return shipping cost of the instrument and accessories to the above address. Any shortages will be chargeable.

  • The goods must be packed adequately for the transportation method selected. Please retain any packaging supplied for this purpose. Any product supplied on a pallet must be returned on the same pallet. The borrower will be liable for any damages occurring in transit and we recommend that the product is adequately insured.