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Why use RIQ instead of DOI?

DOI is not sensitive to low amounts of orange peel on the highest quality surfaces.

RIQ has more proportionate response to orange peel on a wider range of surface finishes.

RIQ works well in differentiating low gloss surfaces with different specular/diffuse components.

RIQ measurement is sensitive enough to quantify appearance differences due to-

  • Substrate alignment (horizontal/vertical)
  • Coating formulation
  • Substrate
  • Application technique

Gloss, Haze, DOI and RIQ values are all produced simultaneously in one fast measurement using the Rhopoint IQ.

In addition to this…Surface flatness also affects the reliability of measurements made with a glossmeter. Rhopoint IQ however incorporates Flatness compensation.

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Why use RIQ instead of DOI?