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About Shenzhen Huafeng Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

Huafeng Tech started out in 1986 in Shenzhen. Over the past 35 years, we have become a leading company to supply aircraft products and testing instrument in China, working with best-known OEM companies in the world. We also offer innovative engineering solutions to select partners, enabling their operation more efficient and economical. We are currently doing businesses with 300+ customers in China, which range from top tier industry giants to small sized start-ups. In addition, we are holding certifications such as AS9120B, Certificate of Civil Aircraft Parts Distributor, ISO9001:2015, and etc. Our teams are based in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong to provide customers with 24 / 7 services. Our warehousing and logistics center is located in Beijing.

Why use Shenzhen Huafeng Science & Technology Co. Ltd.?

Also available from Shenzhen Huafeng Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

MiniTest 2500/4500

The portable coating thickness gauges MiniTest 2500 and MiniTest 4500 measure non-destructively using either magnetic induction or the eddy current principle.

MiniTest 7400

An innovative user interface concept combined with a highly convenient data management make the new MiniTest 7400 the ideal solution for today’s measurement systems.

MiniTest 7200/7400 FH

The MiniTest 7200 FH/MiniTest 7400 FH is a portable thickness measuring device that offers the capability to precisely measure materials up to 24 mm thickness.

MiniTest 700

The intelligent solution for coating thickness measurement. Modular design made-to-measure. Bluetooth for data transfer to a PC, Tablet-PC or smartphone.

QuintSonic 7

QuintSonic 7 is an ultrasonic thickness gauge for measuring paint, lacquer and plastic layers applied on plastic, metal, wood and ceramic.

ColorLite sph900

The sph900 spectrophotometer was designed implementing newest optical components available and conforms to the recommended norms or the car industry and all standards.

ColorLite sd350

The ColorLite sd350 is a spectral densitometer designed for the high demands of the automotive industry. It measures transmission density values of optical film in the printing and screen printing industry.

PTE S3002

The Pinhole Detector uses the wet sponge principle to detect through-pinholes, cracks and damaged areas on non-conductive coatings on conductive substrates.

PTE S4001/S4002/S4003

The Holiday Detector is a DC voltage Holiday Detector for detecting pinholes and flaws in insulated coatings on conductive substrates.


Spectro 1 is a compact, affordable tool for accurately measuring and communicating color at the professional and industrial level.


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