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About S.R Agencies Ltd

Leading local representative providing users and manufacturers with a solutions for day to day needs in many industries.

As we represent the following world leading suppliers: Atlas , DataColor , GTI , SDL Atlas , Mathis , Harris , Prostat , Rhopoint

With activities in the areas of: Technological solutions for colors development. Quality control equipment for industrial laboratories. Weathering testing instruments to determine and check the durability of products. Portable instruments for static control techniques.

Our trained technicians are authorized and approved by the manufacturers for handling installing repairing and calibrating the instruments we market. We provide local repair services and calibration for all of our instruments. Our long time experience and knowledge of the market and verity of applications, help us to provide together with the support of our partners abroad, all the necessary information our customers need. We provide long term escort to the customer from the first inquiry, through solution recommendations, ordering, installing and implementing our solution in the daily work. As well, our after sale service and support provides our customer the comfort and ease of mind knowing that someone will provide an answer at time of need.

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