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About Innova Nordic AB

From the start in 1988, Largo Innova AB has developed software for color control, production and handling of recipes as well as break machines, which are used all over the world. In the autumn of 2017, it was finally time for our own “daughter”, Innova Nordic AB. Our focus is to be able to offer the best support and products for you who work with colors and finishes of various kinds. We have extensive experience in paint technology and measuring and testing instruments for color measurement and surface assessment. The range includes everything from small hand-held control instruments to complete systems for industrial production. If you need a special solution, we are of course happy to help. With us, you will also find refractors, shakers, applicators and application cards, gloss meters, viscosity meters, layer thickness meters, color maps and more. For visual color control, we also have our light cabinets Ortospectra and Minispectra. Our service technicians are specially trained and accredited for repairs, maintenance service and certification of measuring instruments, breakers and shakers. Primarily the models we deliver but also other brands.  

Why use Innova Nordic AB?

Also available from Innova Nordic AB

Xrite Spektrofotometers

Spectrophotometers from x- rite for search of nearest shade, QC colour difference for paint, woodstain, plastic, textile, ink, paper etc. Gonio spectrophotmeters for metallic and effect pigment. Colour difference In-line.

Fast and fluid automatic dispenser
Dispensers, shakers

Sale and service support of different tinting machines with piston pump or simultaneous dispensing, shakers and gyromixers. Accredited service partner for Fast & Fluid Management

Innova Nordic - Light Cabinet

Lighting cabinets for visual colour judgement with 3-5 different light sources in a neutral grey surrounding. Available in 50, 60 and 120 cm width.


Application – sample preparation, print test
K Hand Coater for manual application
K Control Coater with wire wound Bars
K Printing Proofer High quality proofs using gravure, gravure-offset or flexo inks

Innova Nordic - Leneta

Application – test charts
For test of opacity, penetration, hiding power, scrub resistance, levelling etc with or coating for best surface for test without OBA (Optical brighteners)

Largo Innova
6. Programvaror M3, Q3 och T3, Largo Innova AB

Software for colour difference, QC, recipe formulation and nuance for R&D lab and production. For control of tinting machine/dispenser and recipe at Point-of-Sale the Synergy T3 is available in different levels from Recipe Book to recipe formulation in shop.

PosiTest DFT
PosiTest DFT

Measuring instruments for coating thickness on ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metal substrates, surface profile, environment/climate, salt contamination, Shore hardness, thickness, Pinhole/Porositet and adhesion.


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