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About ATESTOR Anyagvizsgálat-Méréstechinka Kft.

ATESTOR Material Testing-Measuring Technology Ltd. was established to help deliver the most up-to-date testing technologies to Hungarian research and development and quality control professionals. Our company has been a key player in measurement technology in Hungary for more than 30 years. During our operation, we are constantly looking for new technologies and expanding our knowledge to deliver fast, efficient solutions to problems related to manufacturing and product development. Our main activity is the sale of material testing and quality control machines, which are maintained by our own well-trained service team. As part of our dynamically growing business, we pass on the free laboratory capacities of our customers to our partners looking for measurement opportunities, which we supplement with our own equipment to provide an efficient, fast solution for even the most special quality control tasks. Our primary area is environmental simulation, which includes temperature, vapor, sunlight, ozone, vibration, sulfur dioxide, salt fog, and more. we can simulate the corrosive effects of this by helping our partners with lifetime testing research. These areas are mainly spread in the automotive and electronics industries, but we also offer a number of solutions for testing coatings and packaging. Our research portfolio also includes basic testing equipment for the metal and plastics, mechanical and chemical materials, as well as special raw material testing machines for the energy and pharmaceutical industries, as well as suppliers to the Armed Forces, government agencies and universities and vocational schools. Our central office and laboratory Budapest XIII. district, but we are also happy to consult at your site. If you encounter a measurement problem, feel free to contact us, we are guaranteed to offer an efficient and customer-friendly solution.

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