Krebs Viscometer


The PAINTLAB+ Krebs Viscometer from Rhopoint Instruments offers high accuracy viscosity measurement with advanced functionality.

Viscosity measurement of coatings is essential at each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality standards.

Many parameters can affect the rheological behaviour of a finished coating resulting in undesirable affects such as sagging, levelling, brushability and atomisation. The use of high precision measuring instruments is therefore essential in quality control to prevent such problems occurring during formulation, manufacture and application.


  • Real time high resolution graphing of test samples
  • Results displayed on screen immediately after test in KU, g and cP
  • High stability motor speed control for accuracy and repeatability of measurement
  • Integrated temperature probe to check and record sample temperature prior to testing
  • Automatic lowering of paddle to test height for selected container
  • Quick release magnetic paddle for easy removal and cleaning
  • Easy clean design- even in the harshest environment both screen and chassis are easy to clean
  • Date / time stamped results output to printer
  • Annual re-calibration can be performed by user
  • Extended warranty

Krebs Viscometer Features

Precise measurement

High stability motor speed control ensures accuracy and repeatabilty during each test. Real-time high resolution graphing allows monitoring of changes during measurement providing identification of inconsistencies between samples. Measurement results are displayed instantly on screen after test in all three units.

Rhopoint Krebs Viscometer measuring screen
Advanced temperature monitoring

An integrated temperature probe accurately measures and records sample temperature for each test. As sample viscosity is influenced by test temperature, accurate monitoring and recording ensures reliability of test results.

Rhopoint Krebs Viscometer integrated temperature measurement Automatic Operation

Fully automated operation saves time by accurately lowering the paddle into the sample to the correct height for a number of standard container sizes. Once the test has completed the paddle automatically raises to drain off, saving time during cleaning.

The easy to use quick release magnetic paddle holder allows rapid removal for cleaning after use.

Easy Clean Design

Lab-tough glass allows easy removal and cleaning of unintentional splashes and smears from the capacitive sense buttons and screen. The solvent resistant anodised aluminium instrument chassis ensures the instrument can be cleaned and restored to pristine condition even in the toughest working environments.

Data Transfer

Measurement data including time, date and test temperature can be printed to a Rhopoint label printer (supplied as an optional accessory). Printed labels can be attached to each sample for easy identification and recording of results.

Measurement data can also be transferred directly into Excel using the optional data transfer cable

Rhopoint krebs viscometer printer Calibration

Annual calibration of the Krebs Viscometer can be performed remotely by the user using the Rhopoint certified recalibration kit. Step by step instructions and automatic verification ensure accurate, traceable results.

Data Sheets