Novo-Gloss 20/60/85° Glossmeter with Haze to ASTM E430

  • 20/60/85° Gloss meter for matt to mirror finishes
  • Haze measurement to ASTM E430
  • Full statistical analysis with trend graphs
  • Pass / Fail for easy identification of non conformances


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The Novo-Gloss 20/60/85° gloss meter is designed to meet the measurement criteria for most gloss measuring applications.

The high specifications, including statistical analysis, graphical analysis and software-free PC down load facility make it the ideal gloss meter for matt to mirror surface finishes.

Measured parameters:

Gloss measurement for all surface finishes:

20° – High gloss
60° – Medium gloss
85° – Low gloss

Haze measurement to ASTM E430

Reflectance haze measurement with compensation mode to provide consistent readings of metallics and speciality pigments

Gloss meter features

Fast measurement, single button push measures all parameters
On-board statistics with graphical trend analysis and reporting.
Automatic calibration with tile validation
Date and time stamped results
Easy Batching – User definable batch names and batch sizes for quicker and more efficient reporting
Software-free data transfer
Direct data input via Bluetooth – instantly transmit measured readings directly to programs such as Microsoft Excel
Auto-ranging, measures matt to mirror finishes
Pass / fail for easy identification of non-conformances
Compatible with all major international standards
Extended two year warranty
Lifetime lightsource guarantee

Additional information

Weight 2 kg