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How can detailed frictional force measurement help improve productivity?

The Hanatek Advanced Friction Tester allows the user to measure and store the full force curve which graphically illustrates the frictional characteristics in addition to providing the static and dynamic COF values.

These force curves give more detailed information about the surface of the product allowing us to better understand how the surface will perform in the production environment.

The graphical analysis shows inconsistencies in the surface and identifies other characteristics such as stiction, an attribute during dynamic slip when the surface “judders”.

The unique strength of the Hanatek Advanced Friction Tester is that profiles can be overlaid for comparison, allowing identification of substrate or coating changes that can cause problems with product runnability.

This powerful feature can highlight subtle differences in substrates or coatings that allow the user to fine-tune their product for their production conditions giving optimum feeding, running and packing speeds.

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