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Gloss Meter Calibration

For annual re-certification of your Rhopoint gloss meter and calibration tile, please contact one of our Approved Service Centres

Rhopoint Novo-Gloss glossmeters are set up to be linear throughout their measuring range by calibrating to a set of master gloss calibration tiles traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

In order to maintain the performance and linearity of the gloss meter, each Rhopoint gloss measuring instrument is supplied with a standard tile. This standard tile has assigned gloss unit values for each angle of measurement which are also traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). The instrument is calibrated to this checking standard which is commonly referred to as a 'calibration tile' or 'calibration standard'. The interval of checking this calibration is dependent on the frequency of use and the operating conditions of the gloss meter.

It has been seen that standard calibration tiles kept in optimum conditions as specified by Rhopoint can become contaminated and change by a few gloss units over a period of years. Standard tiles which are used in working conditions will require regular calibration or checking by Rhopoint or one of our approved service centres.

A period of one year between standard tile re-calibration should be regarded as a minimum period. If a calibration standard becomes permanently scratched or damaged at any time it will require immediate re-calibration or replacement as the gloss meter may give incorrect readings. 

View the Rhopoint range of calibration tiles available to buy online.

International standards state that it is the tile that is the calibrated and a traceable artefact not the gloss meter. However Rhopoint strongly recommend that the instrument also be checked to verify its operation on a frequency dependent on the operating conditions.

During a gloss meter service / calibration at Rhopoint the following process is followed:

  • Use of 8 NIST traceable tiles
  • Instrument and tile calibrated
  • Pre-adjustment of linearity, repeatability and accuracy
  • Post-adjustment test of linearity, repeatability and accuracy
  • Report of pre and post-adjustment results
  • Certificate based on post-adjustment results
  • Instrument 'last-certified' date updated

Please note, only Rhopoint approved service centres are able to update the 'last certified' date on the Novo-Gloss or IQ product ranges.