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Defects Detection Software

Advanced software for the analysis of surface defects

Ondulo Defects Detection Software allows advanced automatic analysis of all types of defects present on a surface measured using Optimap
The measured data is simply transferred from the instrument using the supplied USB key and opened in the Ondulo software environment.

analysis of surface defects

Automatically analyse defects in any image

Using the software the detection can be made on any of the images produced either in curvature in m¯¹), or in altitude in μm

In Curvature (m¯¹)

defect detection software curvature

or Altitude (μm)

defect detection software altitude

Capture all defects above and below user definable thresholds

User definable upper and lower limit thresholds can be set allowing the detection of defects above and below the set values
defect detection software definable thresholds

Using user definable limits, select and display:-

Tabular information is displayed providing detailed information about each defect that is detected

The number of defects detected on the surface
The surface are of the defect in mm²
The aspect ratio of the defect i.e. the ratio of height and width a value of 1.00 indicating the defect is circular
The weighted surface; the weighted sum of each defect pixel
The Sign either positive or negative, indicating the defect goes inwards or outwards on the surface
The span length of the defect; the maximum length of the defect
And the X and the Y mid lengths of the defect

Overlay defects analysis on original image

The defects analysis can be displayed as a selection of “blobs” on a neutral background marking the relevant position on the surface, or the original image can be encrusted into the analysis allowing identification of the exact position on the surface where they are located.

Overlay defects analysis 1

Overlay defects analysis 2

Drag and drop defect analysis into Microsoft Word for instant reporting

As with the Reader software all images can be easily and rapidly transferred to Microsoft Word or to Outlook email for rapid reporting. Likewise images can also be save in a variety of different formats.

defect detection software 6