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Paul N Gardner Co. (Gardco) offer the Rhopoint MFFT to customers across the Americas.

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Cross hatch paint adhesion test kit
Cross Hatch Paint Adhesion Test Kit (P.A.T. Kit)

The Cross hatch P.A.T. Kit produced by Gardco is a visual adhesion test used for evaluating adhesion by cutting the paint or coating into small squares, thereby reducing lateral bonding.

Colormatcher stand
GTI ColorMatcher®

The GTI ColorMatcher is a color matching system designed to deliver the options and features you need to evaluate and communicate color with confidence.

Gardco viscometer
DV2T™ Digital Viscometer

The DV2T is a programmable digital viscometer. It has a modern 5-inch color touch screen guides DV2T users through test creation and data gathering analysis for fast and easy viscosity measurements.

Dry film coating thickness gauges
PosiTector 6000 Dry Film Coating Thickness Gages

Ergonomic design with durable rubberized grip for comfortable, all-day inspection. Larger 2.8" impact resistant color touchscreen with redesigned keypad for quick menu navigation.

Gardco Test Abrasion Tester
Taber Abrasion Test - Model 1750

The Taber Abrasion Test delivers reliable data in minutes. Used to evaluate a material’s resistance to wear, a flat specimen is mounted to a turntable platform that rotates on a vertical axis.